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Snell Library has lockers available to graduate students on Levels 3 and 4. Locker keys are distributed on a first-come, first-served basis on the first day of classes each semester. To check out a locker, please visit the Snell Library Help and Information Desk during regular service hours
During the Summer I and Summer II semesters, graduate students can visit the Help and Information Desk to check out locker keys between
September 7, 2016 and November 18, 2016 (while supplies last).
All students who check out a locker must comply with the Graduate Student Locker Agreement, provided below:

Graduate Student Locker Agreement

When checking out a Snell Library locker key, the locker key holder expressly agrees to all the terms of the Graduate Student Locker Agreement terms and conditions, whether written, printed, stamped or incorporated.

1. Locker tags must be returned with locker key by the due date below.

2. Locker may only be used with the key provided when borrowed. Library Staff cannot open lockers for borrowers who lose or forget their keys.

3. All library materials that are kept in the locker must be circulating items that are currently checked out to the holder of the locker. Non-circulating items, such as Reference books or Periodicals, may not be kept in the locker.

4. No food, beverages or flammable liquids may be kept in the locker.

5. The library advises students not to leave extremely valuable or sensitive items in the locker at any time.

6. The library is not responsible for items lost or stolen from the assigned locker.

7. The library is not responsible for any items left in a locker past the due date.

8. The student to whom a locker is assigned must empty the locker and return the key with tag intact to the Circulation Desk by the date stated on this form. Failure to return the key in accordance to this agreement may result in one or more of the following fines:

  • Lost locker tag: $5 and loss of locker privileges
  • Damaged locker: $75
  • Failure to return key/lost key: $90

9. The Library reserves the right to inspect lockers at any time.

10. The Library reserves the right to revoke locker privileges from any person who violates any part of the Graduate Student Locker Agreement.

Lockers checked out for the summer semester(s) will be due December 16, 2016.

Questions? Contact us at the Snell Library Help and Information Desk, (617) 373-8778 or submit your question online here.